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Navea Soothing Herbs -

A leaf from a type of vanilla found in Navea. It has incredibly sharp edges, so be careful. Combine this with the Navea Special Roast Tea sold by Navea Mixologist Lois to make Unidentified Iced Tea. Right-click to use.

Item you might obtain by Salvaging this
Cost 10 silver Selling Price 1 silver

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Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Navea Special Roast Tea1x Fragrant Flowers + 2x Navea Soothing Herbs = 1x Unidentified Iced Tea
1x Crystal Fruit Slushee1x Navea Soothing Herbs + 2x Miracle Plum = 1x Unidentified Fruit Juice
1x Fried Green Vegetables1x Navea Soothing Herbs + 3x Scallop Muscle = 1x Unidentified Seafood and Greens Saute.
1x Navea Soothing Herbs1x Tomato Macaroni + 1x Blue Patterned Petals = 1x Unidentified Mushroom Macaroni

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