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Enhanced Sharpening Chisel Lv. 50
Increase CRIT by 19 - 23 Decrease EVA by 13 - 17 Using this item will increase the Fortification of an item by 1. It can only be used on equipment that already has been enchanted with the above attributes. Fortification Type: Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Belt, Gloves, Boots Can only be used on gear of Level 50 or above.

This advanced tool is used to sharpen equipment, resulting in an increase to its CRIT. Right-click to start enhancing equipment.

Cost 100 silver Selling Price 10 silver

Obtained by

By Destroying

Salvaging or destroying the following items, will give you a chance of getting Enhanced Sharpening Chisel.
Blades of Fame and Glory
Dark Wraith's Wand
Blue Eagle Pistols
Secret Book of the Giant Dragon
The Soulless and The Sorrow
Karka's Bloodthirsty Axe
Glorious Staff of Star Dust
Draconic Dimensional Piercers
Great Cannon of a Land Forgotten
The Book of Seven Butterflies
Nazrudin's Blades, Australis and Borealis
Nazrudin's Staff of the Siren
Nazrudin's Shimmering Scale Pistols
Nazrudin's Grimoire of the Deep
Flame Shadow: Soul-Breaking Dual Thorns
Demon of the Inferno
Broken Wing of the Fallen Angel
The Black Breath of Dragons
Judgment from the Heavens
Holy Code of Revelation
Sallet of the Ancient Templar
Ancient Templar's Oath of Loyalty
Claws of a Jealous Queen
Jealousy's Soul-Chasing Step
Jealous Queen's Curse
Cloak of the Shadow Chaser
Necklace of the Shadow Chaser
Ring of the Shadow Chaser
Skyfaller Roundlet
Skyfaller Justacorps
Nightmare Phantom Gants
Nightmare Phantom Pigaches
Nightmare Phantom Belt
Uzuriel's Stormy Wings
Uzuriel's Pure Heart
Uzuriel's Divine Punishment
Quickwalker's Cap
Quickwalker's Vest
Caroline's Touch of Wind
Caroline's Step of Wind
Caroline's Sash of Wind
Nazrudin's Frozen Scale
Nazrudin's Freezing Band
Nazrudin's Wings of Blizzard
Meira's Silver Ceremonial Dagger
Mina's Staff of the Almighty
Max's Magicked Dual Pistols
Codex of the First Village
Grass Kingdom's Medal of Glory
Ceremonial Bernini Wolf Headdress
55 Fame Instance Gold Body
Allie's Rejuvenation Gloves
Rockman's Armored Shoes IX
Sonia's Vow
Robin's Amulet
Ring of Resentment
Llewelyn's Cloak of the Fallen
Garrin's Will
Demonic Claws of the Fallen
Nazrudin's Azure Fangs
Sharpened Teeth of the Holy Beast
Otherworldly Destroyers
Meira's Freezing Katars
Carlos's Precision Strike
Deckard's Fiery Sun
Turin's Executioners
Holm's Lost Tome of the Ancients
Adracei's Cursed Silk
Mighty Horn of Argus
Kelosa's Gigant Necklace
Helakar's Band of Loyalty
Talen's Demon Hide
Murfeo's Winged Necklace
Malodnak's Ring of the Lich
Frederic's Feathered Cloak
Zaahir's Soul-Rending Fangs
Zaahir's Grasp
Zaahir's Hail of Fire
Zaahir's Lexicon Demonica
Katrina's Judgement
Zaahir's Fiery Claws
Bow of the Dwarven King
Nazrudin's Bow of Tides
The Psionic Gaze
Voracious War Bow of Sunflame
Grass Kingdom's Bravewind Bow
Berlioz's Bow of Splendor
Blazing Horns of Zaahir
Illusionary Blade: Big Dipper
Nazrudin's Aquatic Blade
Sacred Blade: Angel's Wing
Dragon Soul: Shadowblade
Tachi of the First Village
Takezo's Persistent Resolve
Zaahir's Lava Claws
Grizzled Sorrow Cap
Grizzled Sorrow Vest
Grizzled Mourning Gloves
Grizzled Mourning Boots
Grizzled Mourning Belt
Ruth's Charm Amulet
Gainey's Skull Ring
Holy Metaphoric Code
Scorching Rune Katars
Ethereal Roseblade
Legendary Dream Brew
Torian's Legendary Cooking Utensils
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