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Hero of the Centurion Battlefield Reward Lv. 50

This quality reward is given to the most heroic fighters in the Centurion Battlefield. Right-click to obtain one of the following items: Custom Winged Noble's Cap (M) x1 Custom Winged Noble's Bonnet (F) x1 Custom Winged Noble's Suit (M) x1 Custom Winged Noble's Dress (F) x1 Winged Noble's Cap (M) x1 Winged Noble's Bonnet (F) x1 Winged Noble's Suit (M) x1 Winged Noble's Dress (F) x1 Small Fluorescent Bead (S) (Non-Tradable) x1 Monster XP Book (Non-Tradable) x1 Lucky Card (Non-Tradable) x1 Advanced Treasure Charm (Non-Tradable) x1 Intermediate Treasure Charm (Non-Tradable) x1 Treasure Charm (Non-Tradable) x1 Luminous Secret Stone (Non-Tradable) x1 Eidolon XP Crystal (M) x1 Mysterious Armor Emblem (Non-Tradable) x1 Healing Potion (Non-Tradable) x1 You will also receive the following additional items: Archaeological Treasures Lucky Pack x3

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